The Haunted Trail occurs from 7:30pm-10:15pm every night for the duration of the Halloween event.  This event is geared towards children over the age of 9 and great for adults too.  There will be some scary animatronics, actors and special effect surprises.  Guests will enjoy Halloween decorations, music, performances and trick or treating.  Keiki and Full pass adults will play a game of skill at the end for great sponsor prizes.

In celebration of Halloween, we bring you The Haunted Trail.  Dress up and come prepared for a good time.  The lighting, music, scares and decorations are sure to delight and bring you into the festivite mood of Halloween.  The Haunted Trail features special effects and anamatronic scares,  performances, lighting and trick or treating all in one place. Compete in a game of skill on the last hole for great sponsor prizes.

Parents, what you need to know:

I would really recommend watching the video on the homepage of this website.  It will give you some insight on to the type of scares you can expect on The Haunted Trail.

This is a20 minute course.  Please have everyone use the restroom prior to start.  Sessions are based on timing & we cant have people returning to the start to use the restroom and holding up the next group.  We also ask that you do the following

  • Stay on the market pathway (Keep your kids on it too)
  • Follow Crew Member Instructions
  • No running at any time.

Maximum 6 people per party.  Every person in the group has to have a ticket, this is a performance.  The Haunted Trail is not intended for people carrying babies are with strollers.   We are abiding by tier 2 rules and keeping party sizes manageable at the same time.

Most Importantly, have fun. Don’t forget to watch the video to get a better grasp if this activity is right for your child.  Thank you!